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The automobiles market in India is booming and parallel to that our business is also on the high acceleration. There are trillions of tyres running in the roads they are all our potential customers so the business of Tyreseal has very big opportunity. If your area is still not represented by Tyreseal then donít wait contact us immediately and become the partner of this booming business opportunity.

The market place
The market place of Tyreseal is untapped and the customer list is vast, some of the potential customers include-----

  • Haulage/ transport companies.
  • Plant and farm equipment and building contracting equipment.
  • Commercial fleet operators.
  • Domestic market i.e. cars, caravans, motorbikes etc.
  • Taxi.
  • Tyre service operators.
  • Garages/MOT Stations.
  • Government departments.
  • Police, fire and ambulance.
  • Cabs and school buses.
  • Defense.
  • Public Transport.
Plus many more_________

Fill up the application from and send us .

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Contact us at + 9958300082

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