MTF Auto
MTF Auto
Introduction of MTF Specialty additives and cleaning agents
MTF Auto

The MTF Product line is a sophisticated full range of professional products developed for Car, Bikes, Buses, Trucks, Heavy rotary engines, D.G sets etc.

Under our trade mark MTF, METAGLOW the products are offered to workshops and industry as well as end users.

The assortment covers technical service aids, maintenance and cleaning products, e.g. for oil, fuel, cooling and air conditioning systems.

Engine, gearbox and hydraulic oil complete this product range.

The benefits of using the innovative and effective MTF products include:

  • Optimum engine performance
  • Lower exhaust emissions
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Considerable reduction in weal and tear
  • Longer life span of component parts
  • Smoother engine running
  • Minimized depreciation.
MTF Auto  
MTF Auto
MTF Auto
MTF Auto
MTF Auto
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MTF Auto
MTF Auto
MTF Auto
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